Welcome to MixTogether!

    MixTogether is a charity that supports mixed couples (mixed race/ religion/ caste) who face opposition from family or community to their relationship.

    We believe that you have the right to choose your own partner regardless of colour, race, creed or caste, and that your relationship should be respected by both families.

    Today more and more mixed couples are choosing to get together, but many are not given the freedom and support needed to STAY together. Couples who decide to pursue a relationship in these circumstances may suffer alienation from family and community.

    Couples experiencing these difficulties often have no-one to turn to for practical advice and support. MixTogether was set up to meet these needs.

    We are a community of mixed couples who have experienced the issues. We welcome every age group, from young couples to established families. We share knowledge and advice together, and work for greater recognition of the issues among the public, media and authorities. We all give our time freely, in order to help other mixed couples stay together and achieve the happiness they deserve.

    If your relationship is being pressurised in any way due to race, religion or caste, or if you have previously experienced such problems, you are not alone. Check out the site and JOIN US in the forum- you are guaranteed to find support and encouragement from people just like you, all over the world.

    2012: Asian music artists highlight real life problems in new music.

    As we step into 2012, a significant new movement is building within the Asian music scene.

    Artists are starting to make music that talks about the problems faced by e.g. mixed couples and those faced with pressure to marry or honour based violence.

    MixTogether is supporting these artists all the way, and we will be bringing you the latest videos as they become available.

    Please show your support for these artists by following them on Twitter and letting them know how much you like these tunes.

    Don’f forget to follow @MixTogetherTeam to keep up with all the latest!

    AC – ‘True Story’

    (follow AC: @ACtheMC)

    Avina Shah – ‘Tere Bina’

    (Follow Avina:@AvinaShah)

    EHRC backs MixTogether

    The Equalities and Human Rights Commission has written to MixTogether commending our work.

    Their letter gives clear backing for all mixed couples and anyone wishing to choose their own partner regardless of race, religion or caste.

    They state:

    “The Commission supports the right of individuals to chose their spouses based on free and full consent- regardless of factors such as gender, faith or ethnicity. We recognise that cultural justifications are sometimes invoked to deny individuals freedom of choice when selecting a partner/spouse, and we oppose this.

    We consider this societal pressure to be at odds with the protection and promotion of the right to marry and the right to respect for private and family life, both of which are expressly protected in the Human Rights Act 1998”

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    Read their full letter HERE (PDF)

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